The top shelf items shown here are for display only in our shop. Please visit us to see what we have for sale.

13892 Dowell Road
Dowell, Maryland 20629
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the shop

Open 10 - 5 Daily

Christmas Walk
and Open House

December 4 and 5
10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
December 6
10:00AM to 5:00 PM.

Sale Prices and Homemade Refreshments available.


Newly restored furniture items arriving weekly.

We have Webkins! Come visit us and see our collection.


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Welcome to Grandmother's Store!

Grandmother's Store Antiques

"Enjoy your visit to our web site."
------ Brenda Dowell and Mary Siegert

Grandmother's Store Antiques

The 2nd edition of the old Dowell Post Office located on the right wing of the shop.

Seasonal decorations at Grandmother's Store!

Our shop is always decorated for the season.

We invite you to visit our store virtually, and then please come by to see our place in person to view our display items and reminisce about your memories of the oldies. 

We have a variety of items from antique furniture, household items, kitchenware, jewelry, gifts, birdhouses, books, quilts, and more. We have items displayed on 2 floors and also in the original Dowell Post Office wing located on the far right of the shop.

We have the areas best prices on Camille Beckman products, Boyds Bears and Ty animals.  We sell Pigeon Hills Pottery exclusively at both of our store locations. (Harmon House Shoppes) at Solomons.  Just on board at both locations are the new "Webkins" all kids are wanting.  Webkins allow kids to go to a web site to name their animals and obtain adoption papers and also to play games and more on the web site.

We display items on our porch year round, so drive by and take a peek.

Come on in!

We look forward to meeting you at the shop!

Our History

For over 100 years Grandmothers Store has been in the Dowell family and now serves as an Antique and Collectibles Store. The original structure of the store was built by Wilson and Sadie Dowell and opened as a general store in 1904. Wilson and Sadie lived in the back of the General Store. In 1926 the store expanded and added a wing for the Dowell Post Office. At that time, Sadie Dowell ran the post office. Sadie is the “grandmother” in Grandmother’s Store. Sadie’s son Charles, and his wife Velma, eventually took over the store.  Velma took Sadie’s place running the post office until she retired and her daughter Jeannie stepped in to become the Dowell Postmaster. The operation of the post office remained in the family for many years. The Post Office moved from the left wing to a larger right wing until is was relocated further down Dowell road in a separate building.

Sadie, also known as Mom O’Store, lived out the rest of her life near her family in her home in the back of the General Store. The rooms where Sadie spent most of her life remain in tact with a little paint added and décor change. It is common for anyone who knew Sadie to comment on how her memories remain today in those rooms.

Brenda Dowell, Sadie Dowell’s grandson’s wife, began running Grandmother’s Store in 1980 upstairs and expanded to the down stairs in 1983. Brenda manages Grandmother’s Store with the help of her business partner, Mary Siegert. Brenda and Mary have remodeled the store over the years and nearly every room in the building is stocked with antiques and collectibles. The store also has a huge variety of “not for sale” antiques that came from the original Dowell General Store. It is like stepping back in time when you enter the store. The top shelf “not for sale” items displayed throughout the store seem frozen in time. The store has a magical way of grabbing your attention and keeping you browsing for hours, upstairs and down!

Brenda and Mary are continuously buying new items for the store. They bring in items from Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware and Ohio to keep new items coming in for their customers. Also, check out the front porch often. New displays and fresh flowers are always being added.

Please stop by and visit. We’d enjoy showing you around!

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